Karen Day has written, produced and directed 11 documentary films and hosted and produced more than 50 features for national television. Her exclusive news segments from Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar have appeared on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, BBC, CNN and  LINK TV. The PLUM TV series WOMEN WITH A CAUSE:CAROLE KING earned the 2009 Idaho Press Club Award for Best Independent Environmental Series and an EMMY for Best Independent Television Series. Her documentaries focus on  humanitarian issues and include the award-winning, CONVERSATIONS FOR PEACE WITH THE DALAI LAMA: ETHICS FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM.  Actress Jamie Lee Curtis narrates LEARNING TO BE DIFFERENT, Day's film about the extraordinary work of the Lee Pesky Learning Center, empowering children with learning disabilities. Day has written, directed and produced five films about AFRICA. BETWEEN THE EARTH AND SKY premiered at the 2012 Sun Valley Film Festival. Filmed in South Sudan, the documentary was co- produced with Massachusetts General Hospital Division of Global Health and Human Rights. Film critic, George Prentice, reviewed the film as "a delicately crafter masterpiece...and an uplifting chronicle of the first generation of physicians in the newest nation of the world." in 2013, Day's premiered her 10th film, FROM THE GROUND UP , the story of an inspiring grassroots project by HARVARD students that is successfully reducing deadly child malnutrition in Uganda. GIRL FROM GOD'S COUNTRY, Day's new documentary, reveals a forgotten generation of female film pioneers. Actress Geena Davis appears in the documentary that premieres at 2015 film festivals around the globe.

Girl From God's Country; April 2015: Karen Day, Director, Producer, Writer

True Story Media: From the Ground Up; October 2013: Karen Day, Independent Co-Producer

Uterine Balloon Tamponade: Saving Women's Lives Across Africa, South Sudan; February 2013: Karen Day, Independent Co-Producer

True Story Media: Between Earth and Sky, South Sudan; May 2012: Karen Day, Independent Co-Producer

True Story Media: Harvard Health Transformations in Kisumu Kenya; September 2012: Karen Day, Independent Co-Producer

True Story Media: Mwapusukeni You Have Survived, South Sudan; May 2011: Karen Day, Independent Co-Producer

NBC Nightly News: Dr. Anthrax Exclusive, Baghdad, Iraq; May 2003: Karen Day, Independent Co-Producer
The New Bagram: Afghanistan Special Report, August 2010
General David Petraeus Interview, Kabul Afghanistan, August 2010

Media Producer for Governor Butch Otter's 2010 Campaign (
Otter for Governor: Meet Butch
Otter for Governor: Announcement
Otter for Governor: Butch on Jobs
Otter for Governor: Meet Lori Otter
Otter for Governor: Meet Rudy Giuliani

Learning to be Different
Documentary Film: Learning to be Different, narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis

Karen Day, Host and Co-Producer with Plum TV

Carole King: Women With A Cause: Winner of the 2009 Idaho Press Club Award for Best Independent Television Environmental Program
Carole King: Part 1Carole King: Part 2Carole King: Part 3

Mariel Hemingway: Women With A Cause: " Balancing Act"
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A Conversation with Governor C.L. Otter & First Lady Lori Otter
A Conversation with Governor C.L. Otter
A Conversation with First Lady Lori Otter

Anne Applebaum: An interview with Pulitzer Prize Winning Author of "Gulag"and noted Washington Columnist
Anne Applebaum: Part 1Anne Applebaum: Part 2
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Horace Axtell: Winner of National Endowment for the Humanities Award as Storyteller, Language Preservationist and Tribal Historian of the Nez Perce People
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